Mount Morgan State High School has an extensive range of curriculum offerings that are aligned to ensure a seamless learning pathway. It is the blend of academic rigour, cultural exploration, sporting pursuits and pastoral care that supports the growth of your child and delivers student achievement.

Our students study programs that are drawn from the Australian Curriculum and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) documents. This curriculum is delivered through a framework of teaching and learning that is based on Explicit Instruction. To ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning, our school reviews curriculum offereings annually.

ATAR – Australian Tertiary Admission Rank

The ATAR is the standard measure of overall school achievement used in all Australian states and territories. It is a rank indicating a student's position overall relative to other students. The ATAR is expressed on a 2000-point scale from 99.95 (highest) down to 0, in increments of 0.05.  ATARs below 30 will be reported as '30.00 or less'.

QTAC will calculate ATARs based on either:

  • a student's best 5 General subject results, or

  • a student's best results in a combination of 4 General subject results, plus 1 Applied subject result or completed VET qualification at Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate III level or above.

If a student is eligible for an ATAR in both categories, QTAC will use their highest ATAR.

QCE – Queensland Certificate of Education

The QCE is Queensland's senior schooling qualification awarded to eligible students who complete Year 12. The certificate encompasses a broad range of learning that can be undertaken in a variety of places, in various ways, and over a flexible time period. The QCE raises the standard of senior education. It requires students to achieve a significant amount of learning at a set standard, and to meet requirements in literacy and numeracy. (Please refer to the QCE information table on Page 9)

The QCE Commitment

Mount Morgan State High School expects all eligible students completing Year 11 and 12 to attain a QCE at the completion of Year 12. Report cards will be reviewed at the end of every term to determine each student's QCE eligibility. This regular review will result in intervention meetings with students who are at risk of not meeting the QCE requirements.


QCIA – Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement

Some students may be eligible for the QCIA. To be eligible, students must have impairments or difficulties in learning that are not primarily due to socioeconomic, cultural and/or linguistic factors. The school will identify eligible students and decide the best certification option for each student. Consultation with students and their parents/carers is central to this decision-making process. The individual learning program for the QCIA does not have credit value nor does it contribute toward the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Last reviewed 06 May 2020
Last updated 06 May 2020